When choosing our charity partners, we wanted to find causes that resonated with us. We found just that with these two partners.

Physical & Mental Benefits

We both know the importance of sports, not just for physical health, but also mental health.

Life Skills

Sports at a young age builds a great foundation for adult life: team work, dedication, prioritisation and resilience. 



  LYR was founded by Jim Downing in 2004 in the hope that young people across London would have access to an otherwise traditionally niche sport and in turn help the rowing community become a more diverse, more inclusive environment.Originally named, ‘Row East London’, their first employee was hired in 2005. 

They went on to launch the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships in 2007 and officially received charitable status in 2008. Today, LYR employs 10 full-time coaches, multiple part-time coaches and office staff to accommodate working with around 10,000 young people in schools, youth clubs and rowing clubs across London each year.

  • Active Row: flagship programme, focuses on increasing activity in schools. Involves 70 secondary schools across 12 London boroughs, providing rowing machines and full time coaches to support after-school rowing activity. 
  • Breaking Barriers: Combines learning to row with life skills mentoring.
  • Excluded Students Programme: Works with students who have been excluded from mainstream schooling, in the hope that rowing can enrich their lives and future prospects.

LYR also work with two established rowing clubs, running the junior rowing programmes full time.  LYR believe rowing changes lives and should be available to all, regardless of background, gender, ethnicity or otherwise.  

youth sport trust


Youth Sport Trust  are a national children's charity passionate about creating a future where every child enjoys the life-changing benefits that come from play and sport. They are on a mission to pioneer new ways of using sport to improve children’s wellbeing and give them a brighter future.

A passion for the power of sport and improving children’s lives has been at the heart of the Youth Sport Trust since its inception. Since 1995 they have pioneered a way of working across practice, policy and research, building successful partnerships to forge a lasting legacy for improving young people’s lives. 

Through their work, they intend to build on the successes and lessons of this charity’s past, and work in even greater depth to ensure the life-changing potential of sport is unlocked where it is needed most, both for today’s young people and for generations to come. 



 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund the great work that YST and LYR are doing.

All donations will be split 50:50 between the above charities; if you want your donation to go to one specific cause, please contact us and we can arrange this for you.

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